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Plastic is everywhere. Plastic doesn’t just disappear when you throw it into a litter bin. To make it short: Plastic is a problem.

We are five journalism students at Newcastle University and with this blog we want to explore the world beyond just saying plastic is a problem. Because even now there are people working on solutions towards a more sustainable world – a green oasis.

Newcastle, the city we study and live in, already has amazing people who have banned plastic from their neighbourhood. In March 2020 it was announced that Ousebourn, Newcastle’s cultural quarter, gained the “plastic-free” status as the first in the surrounding area. Residents and businesses worked together to ban single-use plastic and even organised education sessions in schools to make people aware of the ever-growing plastic issue.

With Green Oasis we want to explore how individuals as well as businesses and cities as a whole deal with reducing the amount of plastic that they consume and produce in several countries.

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Our first article will be posted this week!

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